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Melania Trump With The Most Awkward Rendition of the Lord’s Prayer of All Time

Let me preface this post by saying I do not give two shits about politics. On one hand I am a twenty-one year old college student while on the other my parents are old upper middle class white people. What I’m saying is my political views fall somewhere in the middle. I point that out solely so I cannot be bashed for what I’m about to say. I do not hate Melania Trump for bringing religion into politics and I don’t care that this was a total PR stunt. I just simply think her rendition of the Lord’s Prayer was as cringe-worthy as it could possibly be.

First of all, do you think the woman could have at least tried to rehearse like the first line before going out to the podium? She looked like the shy kid in school who’s shitting his pants because he has to speak in front of the class one time. Head down just mumbling his way through literally praying that it is over soon. I have no problem with the shameless attempt to appeal to the constituents in Fucksville, Florida but at least have someone do it that knows the words. It’s not like it is even that complicated. Any dude that has played junior varsity football has had to bow his head and mumble through that thing at least once in his life. I mean if you’re going to pray, just go off the cuff with it.

I mean she had to bring a script out there for God’s sake. And don’t even dare tell me that script was there just as a backup plan. That would be like taking the lyrics of the national anthem out with you to sing before a sporting event. If there’s even a chance that you could screw it up, don’t try it because you’ll just end up pissing people off when you inevitably fail. It reminded me of that scene from 21 Jump Street where Channing Tatum should know the miranda rights but has no clue.

Overall, I give Melania credit for sticking with her trainwreck. She had to know it was not going to go well and there were probably some words she had never even said in English but she went for it and for that Miss First Lady, the internet thanks you.



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