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Is Dexter Fowler the Cardinals’ Savior?

As we move out of February and into March, it is officially baseball season and with that comes the hard-hitting headlines out of spring training. A perfect example of this is a recent ESPN interview with Dexter Fowler where they asked him about the major changes he’s made since joining the Cardinals this offseason.

Apparently Dexter wasted no time in changing the culture around the lowly Cardinals’ clubhouse and showing them how real winners act. People forget that the Cardinals finished 17 1/2 games back to the Cubs last year in the NL Central winning a measly 86 games. This ended a streak of five straight trips to the playoffs and commenced the demise of the St. Louis club. The question is can the addition of Fowler, a proven winner and leader curb the Cards lack of success?

Just days into spring camp and Fowler is already making major headlines. Of course, I am talking about his changing of the team’s stretching routine to include music. Talk about really getting after it first day on the job. The implementation of these kinds of sweeping changes could really change the squad’s luck. This kind of leadership can change the attitude of a whole clubhouse. Maybe this is the year that they finally get out from under and can stop being the Cubbies’ bitch.

I’m just glad we have ESPN to do the hard investigative journalism and find out the fascinating insider details that no other news outlet could get. The only thing they left out in this piece is when Fowler will get to play his old team. Turns out the Cardinals will host the Cubs with the opening game of the season on April 2nd…what a coincidence. I’m looking forward to more big news coming out of spring training in the near future.


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