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Richmond Baseball Players Suspended for Playing Fantasy Football.

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A big story over the last few days has been the suspension of five baseball players from Richmond University for the heinous crime of paying to play in a fantasy football league. As a former college athlete, I have a special take on this whole exchange. Everyone is going after the NCAA for enforcing dumb rules again but that’s not the real story here. The NCAA is not actively searching for violations of this particular rule and how we do know that? Because if they were, Richmond University is not where they would start. If this were something the NCAA was concerned with, they would undoubtedly start with the usual suspects in Ohio State or Florida and they would pick a more interesting sport than baseball of all things.

The real story here is that there is a snitch in the Richmond baseball locker room. It was probably some nerdy freshman who is upset because he was hazed too much and he wants revenge. Why are there no stories about this fucking douchebag?


I blame the NCAA for a lot of stuff but their hands were tied on this one. The only thing worse than sticking up for your dumb rules is not enforcing them when you’re given the chance. If you’re going to try to control every second of a kid’s life like what he can eat and where the little fucker can sleep, you’re sure as hell not going to let him do a little recreational gambling. Unless of course it is with an officially ESPN sponsored March Madness bracket which is totally fair game.

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