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LA Rams Make Ultimate Bad Team Move.

The Los Angeles Rams are making major offseason moves right before this year’s NFL Combine. The Rams have announced that they will be changing their helmets from having gold horns to throwback white horns.

This is the kind of offseason splash only teams that have had a terrible season pull to keep their few remaining fans from jumping ship. As far as I can remember, there has never been a team in any major sport doing well that felt the need to change their uniforms. What’s even more sad in this particular instance is that it is supposed to be a throwback to the 70’s when the Rams were at least semi-relevant. Changing uniforms is as viable a long-term plan to fix a franchise as hiring the league’s youngest coach is. Because much like new unis youth represents energy and excitement and not a clear and total lack of experience.

As a Cleveland Browns fan (who lives in Michigan #Fairweather) I actually feel sympathy for the Rams fan base. This is a classic Cleveland maneuver like when they changed the Cleveland Orange two shades darker a few years ago.


The truth is that most people are smart enough to see through this weak distraction and the Rams will still be awful next season but gotta respect the attempt.


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