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Advice for Tim Tebow: If MJ Couldn’t Do It, Neither Can You.

Let me preface this post by saying I hate Tim Tebow and this will definitely be bias so if you’re a fan, now is the time to bail. Still with me? Good let’s get into it…

Tim Tebow is one of the most pretentious self-centered people of all time and his newest endeavor is a prime example of it. Let’s start by separating the fact and fiction of what Tebow is and is not. A few things Tim Tebow is: alleged virgin, humanitarian, television personality, one of the greatest college football players of all time. Things Tebow is not: respectable professional football player, respectable professional baseball player, a good television personality, and contrary to popular belief a savior that we should all follow.

Imagine you’re an 18 year old kid and you’ve worked your ass off to get drafted by a Major League baseball team. You graduate high school and the New York Mets decide to give you a shot and draft you. You’re absolutely elated and the following spring you go to spring training ready for your opportunity but instead cutting into your one chance is a 29 year old washed up football player who hasn’t been relevant since you were in grade school. Anyone who knows baseball can tell within two seconds of watching this guy that he has no discernible talent to deserve to be there. Does he have a decent arm? Sure but the guy can’t hit. If Tebow or any other celebrity for that matter wanted to play baseball and could actually play, I would have no problem with it but he sucks. Did he forget that Michael Jordan, the greatest sports hero of all time tried to do the same thing, in his prime, and still fell on his face. This guy is so cocky that in his mind he saw that mid 90’s Jordan (the best version) couldn’t do it but still had this belief that he could pull it off. However, this is all just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

No pun intended but Tebow legitimately has a savior complex. There’s no way this dude genuinely does shit just because he thinks it’s the right thing. He’s the type of dude to give money to the homeless, film it, then go post it on Facebook and write some long post about how we can’t let our fellow man starve. He does shit just so people can talk about how awesome he is. Think I’m wrong? Let the tweet below be example A.

Like this shit has gone so far beyond just a guy looking for attention. I legitimately think he is insane. Tebow is so caught up in how awesome everyone thinks he is that now he is just blurting out ridiculous things without even thinking about it. On EVERY continent Tim? Even Antarctica? Isn’t there only like 5 people living there in the first place? Are there even any children there? Pretty ludicrous claim if you ask me…

To summarize:

  • Some kid who earned it is gonna get cut from camp this year.
  • Tebow will hit below .200 for some shitty single A club.
  • If Michael Jordan failed at it, you will too.
  • And Tebow will adopt children from every continent even Antarctica where children currently don’t reside.




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