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John Ross Runs Into Combine History (And Not a Free Island)

University of Washington receiver John Ross broke the 40 yr dash record at the NFL Combine Saturday with an official time of 4.22. Ross broke the record set almost a decade ago by running back Chris Johnson. This however is not where the real story is. The real story is how stupid Ross is for wearing Nike cleats instead of Adidas.


For the last few years, Adidas has become known for offering up huge prizes to anyone who could break the hollowed record. This year’s edition included either a million dollars cash or your own PRIVATE ISLAND. The only stipulation is that the player wore Adidas cleats while running it. How dumb is this guy? I don’t care if he has been wearing Nike for everything he has ever done in his whole life, all he had to do was throw Adidas a bone for literally four seconds. Who passes up on an opportunity like that? If I’m a GM this is the type of intangible shit I would be concerned with.

It’s not like the cleats would have made a real difference. Both companies have their products made in some outsourced sweatshop with cheap materials. Why not wear the cleats just in case? Especially when these guys are running hundreds of 40’s leading up to the combine, he had to know he was going to be close. Even I would wear the Adidas cleats and I’m 300 lbs because you never know when you’re going to rise to the occasion. In my opinion it was a bonehead move but only time will tell if it was a good decision. Maybe Nike will give him a big endorsement deal.

I still congratulate John Ross and wish him all the best because if his career doesn’t pan out, he is going to regret this for the rest of his life.


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