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Match Made in Heaven: Taking on Osweiler is the Most Browns Move of All Time

Just when it looked like the Chicago Bears’ signing of Mike Glennon was going to go down as the bonehead move of free agency, the Cleveland Browns swept in to defend their crown. The Browns agreed to take the whopping $16 million salary of Brock Osweiler off the hands of the Houston Texans in exchange for a 2018 second round pick.

As a lifelong Cleveland fan, I can say unequivocally this is the most Browns move of all time. Can you imagine the front office conversation that led to this? Let’s bail out a team who overpaid the worst starting quarterback in the NFL in exchange for a draft pick that we are going to inevitably waste on a guy who won’t pan out. Even if he miraculously does succeed, he is going to be looking for the first train out of town as soon as free agency hits.

This is a great demonstration of the new strategy being employed in Cleveland. Pick up guys who have already disappointed in their career so to spare the fans’ feelings. This of course started with the acquisition of RGIII last season. We already had bottom barrel expectations for him so when he didn’t deliver, there was much less disappointment.

As someone who has bought into every drafted quarterback from Couch to Quinn to McCoy to Manziel, I don’t totally hate this move. Why waste a draft pick on a guy who fans are going to get behind when you can get Brock Osweiler? It just skips a few steps like hoping and getting excited and goes straight to utter disappointment. I know what kind of stats I’m going to get with this guy. Osweiler, standing at 6’7″, is going to get 4 to 5 passes batted down a game along with an interception or two. Lethargic and immobile, he’s exactly the type of guy we need with our stellar offensive line. What more could fans want?

Now rumors are the Browns say the idea with this trade is to flip Osweiler off on someone else. But who would want this guy? The only way this story becomes any more Browns is if they can’t find a new home for him and he becomes their new starting QB until a season ending injury occurs week 3.

To be surprised with the Browns’ moves at this point would be naive and naive I am not. So cheers to another year of obscure moves and disappointing acquisitions. Can’t wait to see what the draft has in store.


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