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Villanova Player Commits the Most Selfish Act in Sports

Friday evening Villanova just squeaked by an inferior Seton Hall team in an embarrassingly close game. The game should have gone to overtime had Seton Hall forward Angel Delgado not missed a layup directly underneath the basket causing his team to lose 55-53. Heatbroken (as he should be), Delgado slumped over on the court lamenting his miscue. And then this happened…

Villanova guard Josh Hart came to console his opponent and congratulate him on a hard fought game.

First off, let me say this is a major douchebag move. This is a classic scenario of the try to make someone feel better so that I feel better about myself. Hart was like ,”hey man sorry you lost and couldn’t make a shot from two feet away. Oh p.s. aren’t I being such a good sport right now?”It is the worst kind of selfishness because it is so lowkey that Delgado can’t even get mad at the guy for compliment fishing. He just has to take it on the chin and act grateful that his opponent is such a standup guy.

What makes it worse is that the television announcers eat this shit up. They’re suckers for sports cliches like this is. Saying things like this is what sports are all about and at the end of the day we respect our competition. Oh please. If Hart had any respect for his opponent, he’d leave the guy alone in his time of grieving. Likewise, if Delgado had any self respect he’d sacrifice his reputation and clock this jerk in the face.

Last point on this: Josh Hart is a genius. This whole story is just one giant distraction. The post game press conference was filled with questions about what kind words he had for his opponent in place of why his supposedly top 3 team barely survived the game. He created a headline to fend off tough questions. I never would personally make this move because like I said, it’s probably the most selfish move in sports but gotta respect it a little bit. It takes guts to sink that low especially against a defenseless opponent and for that I tip my cap to Mr Hart.


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