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Why Floyd Has to Fight Conor McGregor

I cannot say when and I cannot say how but at some point, some way, in some sold out arena in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather will lose a fight. It is an inevitability attached to the ego to our generation’s greatest boxer. Pretty Boy Floyd is too arrogant to hang up the gloves without having a reason to. All the greats: from Joe Lewis, to Ali, to Tyson had to be beaten badly to realize they couldn’t do it anymore. It is an attitude in line with the culture of a sport where the pissing contests are as impressive as they are excessive. Floyd has already broke retirement promises twice in his career not because of a passion for the sport but rather because he can’t stand to see anyone take his place. It quite literally is not in a fighter’s nature to walk away, just ask Josie Harris about that.

The biggest problem in this era in boxing is that there is really no worthy opponents to challenge Mayweather. Manny Pacquiao had the best shot and in what was undoubtedly the most boring match in boxing history, Floyd came out on top. I get that I’m contradicting myself. The guy won’t retire without losing but there is no one that can beat him- well no one that can beat him in boxing…

In the news for months now has been this idea of a fight between Floyd and UFC superstar Conor McGregor. Floyd has been pushing the idea hard and the reason is because deep down he knows he needs someone to beat him. A fighter who has never lost has no reason to turn down the next up and comer with a big mouth. Floyd is naive to think he could beat McGregor whose mixed martial art knowledge is worlds ahead of that of his own experience in hand to hand combat. Don’t get me wrong, I think Floyd will do everything he can to win. He is still a proud guy and will try to stave of the humiliation of defeat for as long as possible. At the same time however, he has to be conscious of the fact that he cannot just walk away. Remember that long anticipated fight with Pacquiao took half a decade to finally come to fruition. I can’t say how long it will take but this fight WILL happen. At this point it is the best chance Floyd has to finally be at peace with his career. Until then we will continue to see tweets like this…



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