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Lavar Ball: Helicopter Parent of the Year

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard by now about the talented Ball family. Led by the Headline Grab King himself, their father Lavar, the Ball clan consists of brothers LiAngelo, LaMelo, and most notably UCLA star Lonzo.

With his son seemingly a lock to go early in this year’s NBA draft, Lavar has taken it upon himself to make sure the Ball name gets every headline imaginable. The guy really is a piece of work. From demanding a Billion dollar shoe deal for his sons to claiming that he would dominate Michael Jordan in one on one, he is a man chock-full of headlines.

If we have learned anything recently, it is that the media is feigning for ridiculous headlines and will publish that shit no questions asked. Contrary to popular belief Lavar is not at all delusional but rather the total opposite; this is calculated.

Like many fathers of prep phenoms, the guy is a stereotypical try hard egomaniac who thinks his son has only gotten to where he is at because of his great coaching. He has been riding Lonzo since he was young to be the greatest and now that his son may hit that point, it scares him.

Is he going to flourish without the assistance of dad?  What if he gets rich and famous and forgets about where he came from? Where does that leave poor Lavar?

Facing a crossroads all too familiar to millions of parents out there, Lavar does not know what to do. He can either let his children fly away and soar to their greatest heights or tape up their wings tethering them to the ground. Lavar has chosen the latter resulting in some good old fashion sabotage.

He has been criticized for poisoning his son’s brand. Many insist that he just lay off because he may scare prospective suitors away. The point is that is actually his intent.

This is just the classic scenario of a father terrified that his kids are going to outgrow him. Some might argue that they very well already have. To that end, I insist, in fact I plead LAVAR LET GO.

The fact of the matter is it really does not matter what he does because with a talent like Lonzo Ball, some NBA team is going to take a chance regardless of how absurd his father is. Worse off, that very team may encourage the young man to distance himself from the poor publicity of said father. That is the last situation Lavar wants.

So in closing, again I plead Lavar LET GO!



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