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Why We Love Cinderellas

Another year of march madness is upon us. As we gear up for the best three weeks in sports everyone is asking the same question, who is this year’s Cinderella?

We can all speculate as hundreds of sports writers and supposed “experts” currently are. Everybody has their hunch and to be honest your guess is as good as mine.

There are certain characteristics that comprise almost every upset team. They go as follow…

  1. Gotta be unique: Whether it be high flying dunks, an affinity to hit the three, or outrageous bench celebrations these teams always have something uncommon.
  2. Gotta have fun: Bracketbusters don’t get nervous. It may be called the big stage but they make it look like just another day out there on the playground.
  3. Gotta have luck: At the end of the day, these teams need a little help. It could come in the form of a drawing a good match-up or getting some calls but it has got to be something.

Whether it was Northern Iowa, Monmouth, or the Dunk City boys of Florida Gulf Coast, these teams have had these qualities. Their ability to win in the face of insurmountable odds always seems to captivate us. Not to be abundantly cliche but they represent something so much bigger than just basketball. They represent a hope that is hard to find nowadays.

It is something so unique that every year when a 12 seed is making a run there is a genuine belief that they can win it all. How awesome is that! For three weeks in March, we do away with all logical reasoning in the name of basketball.

If the top seeded teams won every game they were supposed to, nobody would watch. Bracketbusters are what make this thing such a spectacle. We love to believe in things that seem impossible. It’s the same reason we buy lottery tickets. It’s the same reason you hit on that girl at the bar that your friends say you have zero shot with. Sure, it is probably not that likely but there is still a chance right?


We don’t expect them to win but we know they can and that is so exciting for us. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day it’s going to be Duke or Kentucky or North Carolina going home with the trophy but that isn’t going to stop us all from watching – just in case.


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