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Duke Losing Early is a Problem

The round of 32 is officially over and man was it a bitch. I’m talking UPSET CITY. This is right about that time that one guy you know starts bragging about how he has every upset in ONE of his brackets. It is also the same time I start to pity myself for believing this was the year my bracket could survive the tourney. The worst of it is the implosion going on in the Eastern Region where neither Villanova nor Duke will be in the Sweet 16.

Honestly we could care less about Villanova but Duke losing is a problem. The same reason why we love Cinderellas is the same reason why the NCAA needs Duke in the tournament. Just as much as we love to see the low seeds win, we love even more to see the high seeds lose. So when they lose in the second round, it dampens the rest of the tournament for us.

It is no secret that America hates Duke. The 2017 version is no exception. The degree of Duke of this team is unbelievable. Their star player Grayson Allen literally has a chronic tripping problem. Every time things don’t go his way, he just sticks his foot out to turn the tides. The best part is that Coach K has blatantly turned a blind eye to the temper tantrums just chalking it up to a kid making a mistake. Even though there have been three shamefully obvious trips and a couple more that could go either way. Gotta love him perpetuating the stereotype that those snobs from Durham can get away with anything.

So as wonderful as it was to see South Carolina bring down the all mighty blue devils Sunday night, it poses some major issues for the tournament’s host. There are two types of college basketball fans. There are those who watch to see Duke win and more commonly , if you don’t own a yacht, those who watch to see them lose. The early exit while a highlight for many was also the only reason they were still paying attention.

Now what will happen to viewership? How is the NCAA going to make an obscene amount of money on the backs of kids if Duke isn’t in it? Don’t get me wrong I think they’ll still manage to pay the bills but there has gotta be some scratch still left on the table.

To prevent this problem from happening in the future or to salvage this go around, I’m going to provide the NCAA with some ideas to spice things up.  I propose that next year the tournament introduce a losers bracket for all the 1-4 seeds who bow out in the first two rounds. Keep it interesting. March Madness is the ultimate reality TV so why not make it like more of a reality show. Bring on Greyson Allen and Lavar Ball as guest commentators. Get some footage of the teams leading up to the tournament like the hookers at Louisville or players coming to the coaches for their weekly payment at Kentucky. Let folks get a glimpse into the every day life of a STUDENT-athlete.

But at the end of the day, my suggestions won’t mean much. Because if we’re honest with ourselves Duke will probably be back next year to win it all. So to all the common people out there who hate Duke as they should, we must savor this victory. A Duke loss is a lot like a beautiful woman, it’s not often guys like us can get one.


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