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Give NBA Stars a Break

There is evidence that our president may very well have been working with Russian spies, there are thousands of starving children around the world, but the most important issue of this week is NBA players taking a game off here and there.

Why is this such a divisive issue? Do we not have better things to argue about? If you really want to see Stephen Curry flop so bad, go to a game that matters and not the second half of a back-to-back in the middle of the season. Fans have unrealistic expectations of their stars.

Look I’m sorry your son didn’t get to see LeBron play on an anonymous Saturday night in a game that didn’t really matter but that’s just part of the game. Why should the guy risk injury from overworking his body just to satisfy you? Players need rest. It is not selfish to look out for your own health and well being especially if it will boost overall performance. Quite Frankly, resting a few games here and there may help these stars play for even more seasons. You could very easily see more of them in the long run because of the very thing you are complaining about.

And then there are always the geniuses who say, “without fans there is no NBA.” Yeah well it is kind of hard to have a league without players too so just chill guy.

But the reason this is even a story is because of all people, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made it one. What a horrible idea. This is right out of the Roger Goodell playbook. Not a good look at all. Silver was quoted as saying:

“As always, our aim is to serve NBA fans with the best match ups involving the league’s top stars and we share the fans’ disappointment. We understand this is a complex issue and we’re working closely with the NBA to best address it going forward from a media partnership standpoint.”

The key word here is partnership. His sponsors are seeing decreases in ratings and now they are putting the heat on his office. Like I said, this is a major Goodell move. Silver comes off looking like a money grub who is more greedy than caring for his players.

Silver even had something in his speech about “protecting the perception of the game,” Because as we all know, the NBA is the only major sport to rest players. Major League Baseball teams go so far as to leave players home for road games when they are resting them. They do the same thing in hockey as well. Sports with long seasons are going to inherently have rest periods, that is the only way to get through the grind.

So to Mr. Commissioner and  all you fans out there, I just ask that you please quite literally give these guys a break.



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