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Kaepernick Left Jobless Because of Talent NOT Politics

Fact: Colin Kaepernick is a polarizing figure who has exercised his right of free speech to its fullest extent.

Fact: Kaepernick has done a wonderful job with his humanitarian efforts.

Fiction: Any of Kaepernick’s off the field endeavors are the reason for his success or lack there of in the job market. Even if said endeavors are quite literally just off the field, say on the sideline perhaps.

The fact of the matter is the guy just hasn’t performed as of late. The NFL like most industries is 100% performance based. If the NFL has taught us anything it is that being a nice guy is just as much a non-factor as being an awful person. We’ve learned you can get away with a lot so off the field conduct being a good excuse now doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What is even more compelling is that there is a lot of public support behind Kaepernick at this point. Recently, Richard Sherman (a polarizing figure in his own right), threw his opinion at the topic:

“There was a year Matt Schaub had a pretty rough year and got signed the next year. So it has nothing to do with football. You can see that. They signed guys who have had off years before.”

This logical fallacy being employed by Sherman while classic, does not hold water. It’s a maneuver often used by politicians where you use one extremely specific example to make a much larger generalization. The fact that Matt Schaub got a job after a bad year does not support NFL GM’s being discriminatory towards Kaepernick. There is a lot of holes to fill in between.

The only way it would be valid is if you could somehow prove that  every GM in the league looks down on him which seems unlikely in a group of 32.

To those that support this claim about Kaepernick not getting his fair shot, just please for my sake watch a little film . The guy has been atrocious that last few years. Let’s not forget that the only reason he got to play in the first place is because Jim Harbaugh took a chance on him. Lacking arm strength and pocket presence, Kaepernick is a specialized QB. He is a novelty in a world where cookie cutter is preferred.

And lastly, remember that he is a backup. Coaches like cookie cutter players as backups so that there is no need to switch their game plans up too much in cases of emergency. A guy like Kap requires a whole different scheme and that is hard to plan for if he is not the number one. This is issue is X’s and O’s. Please find something else to fight for that you know nothing about.



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