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Bet on it: Raiders to Vegas

Enter stage left: obese woman preparing to sing. In this case the fat lady is an overpaid 58 year old man lacking morality but either way, it’s over. Straight from the mouth of the commissioner himself, it looks like the Raiders will be leaving Oakland for Las Vegas.

Oakland city officials submitted their last minute stadium proposal yesterday to keep their beloved Raiders but it was far too late. The last second hail mary was a valiant attempt unfortunately the decision has already been made for months now. Commissioner Goodell made that clear in his remarks on the matter:

“The material that we reviewed earlier today … confirms that key issues that we have identified as threshold considerations are simply not resolvable in a reasonable time and in that respect, the information sent today does not present a proposal that is clear and specific, actionable in a reasonable time frame and free of major contingencies…. Despite all of these efforts, ours and yours, we have not yet identified a viable solution. It is disappointing to me and our clubs to have come to that conclusion.”

Goodell is trying to use his big boy words but to paraphrase, he’s basically saying, “sucks to suck losers.” But should the people of Oakland really be surprised? I mean if there was a bracket of great cities Oakland would be a 16 seed trying to take down a one. Vegas is the ultimate city to host a professional team. The place is an entertainment mecca and being able to see real NFL football will be just the cherry on top of their tourism sundae.

The only real downfall of Vegas is that it isn’t the most “family friendly” atmosphere. But do you think Roger Goodell, the poster boy for brain injuries and domestic violence is going to take a moral stand against Sin City? If premature death and wife beating are cool I don’t think he is going to draw the line at gambling and strip clubs. He was never going to pass up this opportunity. The bad boy persona of the franchise is a match made in heaven with this city.

But to the citizens of Oakland, it’s not all bad. You now have the perfect excuse to be taking roadtrips to Vegas. Remind your wife about how the mean commissioner let your team walk away then go live it up for the weekend with your boys. You can’t see it now but this is a major blessing. You have an opportunity, rather an obligation that should not be squandered. Round up the squad, head to Vegas and have some fun in the name of the Raiders.


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