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LaVar Ball Still Winning

A video has surfaced of LaVar Ball playing rec league basketball and it is making a play at breaking the internet. Think about that: a video of a dad playing adult league basketball is the leading story on every sports blog in the country (including this one). It pains me to have to write about this guy because it is exactly what he wants.

Sports media actually are reporting that a 48 year old father of three is bad at basketball. What a shocking news bulletin. He will continue to do outrageous things until we as the media quit covering it and unfortunately that will not be happening any time soon.

Give credit where credit is due though. Father Ball has the game figured out. Think of all of the mainstays on the world wide network’s airwaves over the last few years: Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Colin Kaepernick, and now LaVar Ball.  What do they all have in common? The intrigue in these individuals have nothing to do with their athletic abilities or in Ball’s case his son’s ability. They are all somehow worthy of making headlines outside of their athletic background and we can’t stop talking about it.

LaVar will shamelessly continue his tour to promote his agenda and we will all be shocked about what outlandish thing he says next.

I still maintain that he is secretly trying to sabotage his son’s success to make himself feel better about the lack of his own.

The look on his son’s face from their appearance on First Take this morning says it all.



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