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Viva Las Vegas: The Tribe Has Spoken

NFL owners have spoken and the Raiders are officially going to Las Vegas. Given recent events, this was all but expected. All parties involved were going to benefit from the move.

So in a bizarre act of protest, why were the Miami Dolphins the only team to vote NO on the matter? It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense from a business standpoint. I can only think of one theory to explain Miami’s resistance: it’s jealousy.

Until now, Miami has always been considered the party capital of professional sports. The nightlife in south beach is only surpassed by the access to awesome yacht parties. What is going to happen to their reputation when Las Vegas gets in the mix? There is a direct rival now. They can’t rest on their laurels or they are going to fade away from our memories.

Miami has had a monopoly on the market of cities where you use a sporting event as an excuse to party. Now there is someone else setting up in their neck of the woods. It will be interesting to see how they counteract this. My suggestion would be to up the profile of their party status with fans. Their competitive advantage against Vegas is the beach life. Maybe create ticket packages that include yacht parties the day before a game. Or a VIP night out at the club with some high profile players?

Whatever they decide, Miami needs to act quick. Because there is a new sheriff in town, and quite literally they do not have to play by the rules.


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