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Sportsmanship: Pass it on

Just casually scrolling through twitter late night and I came across a classic…

It has to have been like five years since this commercial came out and I still get enraged watching it. By far one of the most idiotic things of all time. It is so dumb that it almost seems like a parody but these people are 100% serious.

Values.com is a real organization that actually spent real money on this commercial. The takeaway is supposed to be that good sportsmanship is more important than winning a basketball game. Technically, I can agree that good sportsmanship is supposed to be more important but let’s be real.

No coach in the history of competitive basketball would tell his player that it was okay to admit he touched a ball before it went out. That coach is being paid to win games and losing just because you can’t keep your mouth shut is not doing them any favors.

I have personal experience in this realm. Back in my little league baseball days, I once tried to explain to an umpire that a ball that he thought hit me indeed did not. He was awarding me first base and I vehemently refused it. Now this was not at all an ethical decision. We were just winning by a lot and I really wanted to hit. However my coach did not care to hear my side. He told me to never give up a free base no matter how much we’re up by. The point is sportsmanship can only extend so far.

What really bothers me is that this organization lists the videos like this under the heading: inspirational. The only thing that this inspires me to do is to campaign against their unnecessarily P.C takes on life. I can respect the game and still know to when it is in my best interest to stay quiet. It is the equivalent of when an officer asks you if you’ve been drinking. The ethical statement if you have: “Yes officer, I’ve had a few.” But guess what, the truth gets you in the back of a squad car.

One day I will pull this video up and show it to my kids. As is intended, it will teach them a valuable lesson. I will be able to explain to them the fine line between telling the truth and just plain being stupid. This is the latter…




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