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Too Early to Call Cubs a Dynasty

With MLB opening day just a few days away, it is time to address all the talk surrounding the Chicago Cubs and that naughty word: DYNASTY.

Don’t get it twisted, the Cubs are very good and should expect to be for a very long time. But it is far too early to bring up the D word. Expectations are the worst enemy of a good thing. It is like when you have only been going out for a few months and your girlfriend prematurely throws out the L word. The possibility is out there but she is coming in way too early with that shit.

Spring training is a boring time and I understand that we are running out of topics to talk about but as we move into the season please baseball writers I implore you to leave the Cubbies alone. Let us enjoy their youthful brilliance. We have been down this road far too many times. They will go on a streak of a few losses in June and everyone is going to turn on them because they aren’t living up to the title of dynasty. It is the same scenario going on with the Cavs right now. LeBron strings together six finals in a row and we start to take it for granted.

Let us not forget how monumental the Cubs winning just one championship was. Now the expectation is that they are going to win multiple like that is somehow an easy task? The D word is a comment on the post-show, not the intermission. Give it some time. That being said, it still could happen.

The youth on this team is astonishing:

Reigning MVP Kris Bryant, 25 yrs old

Anthony Rizzo, 27 yrs old

Javy Baez, 24 yrs old

Addison Russell, 23 yrs old

Kyle Schwarber. 24 yrs old.

Not only are these guys the best players on the Cubs, they are some of the best in the league. Coupled with a top notch pitching staff, it certainly appears that there is a four or five year window where this crew could get something done.

But the key word here is COULD. There are so many variables that change daily that may derail a run. Injuries, slumps, trades, 100 year curses. There is a surplus of conditions that could come into play. So before we crown the Cubs world champions for years to come, take a step back for awhile. Refrain from bullying twenty-five year old kids and just enjoy the GAME.



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