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Tough Day for Baseball

Tuesday was a tough day for the sport of baseball. With an already fragile reputation among the other major sports, baseball should be trying to protect its image. The others have always laughed and bullied baseball; too often calling it the softest of the bunch. Sadly, an incident occurred Tuesday afternoon that is only going to prove them right.

The Colorado Rockies vs. San Diego Padres game was interrupted when a swarm of bees came swooping across the field. The developments that followed were outrageous to say the least.

Simply put, this an embarrassment for baseball players everywhere. Hitting the deck with everyone in sync like some kind of weird flash mob is way over the top. There are tons of options to deal with a bee infestation, but this bizarre game of Simon Says is not one of them.

I challenge you all to watch this video back again, only this time imagine that it’s a bank robbery scene from a movie. Now tell me that doesn’t fit perfectly. A disgruntled former mascot who feels he was unjustly fired comes back for revenge, it works.

Also, of all of the Arizona critters to be worried, in a world of  rattle snakes and coyotes, this crew is losing their minds over some bees? Pathetic.

More importantly, shouldn’t a Major League baseball team have the resources to prevent a bee infestation around their park. I mean if you’re going to charge $7 for a beer, shouldn’t you have enough cash to buy a bottle of insect killer? Furthermore, you see that thing in your hand? The baseball bat? Why not just use that shit as a weapon?

My favorite part of this whole sequence is the gentleman five rows deep who so bravely warned the players, “Watch out for the bees!” Such composure in a high intensity situation. That guy was a real pro.

I’m mad at myself for being disappointed because we shouldn’t expect much from baseball. In a sport where a career ending injury can be caused by something as minor as Guitar Hero, of course they are going to treat bees like a real danger. These aren’t our heroes. Yet here I am lamenting this tragic event. How many more days until football season?


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