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Penn State Trustee Makes Cringeworthy Comment About Sandusky Victims

The ghost of Penn State’s past lives on. Of course by ghost I am referring to the horrible ordeal involving 73 year old serial sexual predator Jerry Sandusky. It has been six years since Sandusky single handily imploded the reputation of the university but his infamous legacy has had a lasting impression that will not go away.

The saga continued yesterday after news broke of comments current Penn State trustee Albert L. Lord made in an email to The Chronicle of Higher Education. Lord was seemingly upset over the recent conviction of former Penn State president Graham Spanier of child endangerment.

This is where the first problem lies. Lord is coming to the defense of a guy who was clearly in the wrong. The inaction of Spanier in handling a complaint about Sandusky directly led to Sandusky having the opportunity to abuse more children. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that he indeed did abuse multiple more kids.

Even as horrible as that is, the comments made by Lord make this situation much worse:

“Running out of sympathy for 35 yr old, so-called victims with 7 digit net worth.”

How dare these victims get paid for their ordeal! Clearly, they became victims on purpose for the money.

He followed up this genius analysis with something just as bad:

“I am tired of victims’ getting in the way of clearer thinking and a reasoned approach to who knew what and who did what.”

Smooth move victim shaming the targets of a sexual predator. As Americans, we all have a right to free speech and maybe it’s just a hunch but this probably isn’t the best time to jump on your soapbox Albert. Especially considering some of those victims probably could’ve been saved some trouble had anyone done anything when they first knew about it.

The good folks at The Chronicle even gave Mr.Lord a chance to backtrack on his comments.

To which he responded:

“The notion that there can be only one point of view with respect to all this stuff, and trustees at Penn State should toe a line that reflects the politically correct point of view, is symptomatic of what ails us.”

Talk about going 3 for 3.

Apparently, there is a world in which condemning the rape of young boys by someone who is supposed to be their mentor is a politically correct agenda. It’s not just complete and total common sense. What is the non-PC frame of mind for that? I genuinely cannot come up with anything to support such an argument.

While horrible, gotta give him a little credit for sticking to his guns. Even if said guns are an unconscionably bad choice of words leading to his imminent banishment from all Penn State events for the rest of time.

The point that Albert Lord is missing is a notion that we all often lose sight of. The consequences of our actions can reach a scope far beyond what we can imagine. It has been disputed that President Spanier comprehended that the primary allegations of Sandusky were sexual in nature. That somewhere between the complaint being filed and him hearing about it, there was a miscommunication. The point is not whether or not he knew. The point is that he should have known. Accountability is a risk you take when accepting a role of such power.

Penn State is never going to truly move forward if we keep trying to dispute the past.



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