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Talentless Tebow

A 29 year old minor League rookie hit a home run yesterday. Given the extensive media coverage, one would expect it to have been the first home run in the history of minor league baseball.  Instead, it was a single A wannabe douchebag who wants to make everything about him.

Single A baseball is a melting pot of ages and skill levels. There’s the kids fresh out of high school, recent college graduates, and journeymen coming out of independent leagues. Thousands of young men around the country will suffer long seasons yearning to get one step closer to a big league shot. But the story isn’t about their struggle, it never will be. Instead, we will talk about the pseudo-celebrity who is gonna adopt a child from every continent.

The home run came in a stretch where the opposing team’s starting pitcher gave up 7 runs in just two innings of work. Safe to say it wasn’t stud caliber competition. Yet sports media will continue to champion Tebow like he won the world series. Somehow headlines are leaving out the fact that the rest of the night was exactly what one would expect from a former football player who doesn’t belong.

Tebow struggled finishing the night 1-5 with 3 strikeouts in his final 3 at bats. Real superstar stuff.

It does not bother me that we are giving attention to his every move. It bothers me that this guy would put himself in the position to allow this scenario to happen. For someone who regards themselves, as a “leader” and “team player,” Tebow has no problem detracting from the other guys on his team. He even goes as far as to partake in hyping himself up.

“All of my sports experiences helped me for moments like that, — So much about sports is handling moments and handling pressure.” 

He truly is a hero. The pressure of playing in a minor league baseball game after playing football on a stage such as he has must be so overwhelming. Competing in a BCS National Championship game totally equates to playing baseball in Columbia, South Carolina.

I don’t totally hate Tebow though. How could I when he actually made my night? His utter confusion in halting at second and not rounding the bases may have been one of the funniest moments of the week. He literally did not know what to do. For Tebow-haters like myself, that was one special treat.



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