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Is LaVar Ball His Son’s Alter Ego?

Recently, I trashed LaVar Ball as a bad parent trying to sabotage his son. But now let me present a different theory. Remember that Key and Peele sketch where President Obama has his anger translator Luther?

What if LaVar Ball is following this same format in defense of his son? What if Lonzo is the one who feels that “three white guys” are to blame for his season ending early?

Is it really that far fetched of an idea? Perhaps Lonzo has some strong opinions of his own that he would love to share but cannot with an NBA draft impending. He can conveniently have his loose cannon father make controversial remarks on his behalf.

For those who don’t know, LaVar Ball’s latest claim is, to paraphrase: his son could not possibly win an NCAA championship saddled by a bunch of white players. Besides the obvious sensitivity issues, there’s a few things wrong with this narrative. First of all, white guys are way too easy of a target when it comes to basketball. That would be like getting mad at a boat for not moving on dry land. We’re not made for that shit. And secondly, you can’t go making that comment when Gonzaga, a mecca for the white player,  made it to the national championship game.

Forgetting the idiocy of the statements, let’s get back to the point: LaVar may very well be his son’s alter ego. All of those remarks may have been sparked by the son rather than the father. A star player blaming the white boys instead of himself is beyond typical. Much like Obama with Luther, Lonzo is calm and collected but in his brain, he’s irate. His father is just the ultimate hype man to lend a voice to the thoughts inside his brain. The fact that the kid hasn’t turned on his father yet makes me think more and more that they are working as a team.

Don’t fall for the hype of an overbearing parent. There is more to this story.

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