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Rant of the Day: Unnecessary PSA’s

In what will be the first serialized segment on FWF, I am going to start posting a rant of the day. Essentially every morning I will cook up a post about something in society that is bothering me. Generally, it will be outside the scope of sports as to add a little diversity to the site’s content. So without further ado, enjoy.

Today, I would like to talk about unnecessary public service announcements. Sometimes I will see an ad and it honestly pains me how incoherent it is. You know the kind where you have to stop and wonder why there is a need to address something so obvious. Last night, on my way home I heard one of these advertisements on the radio.

Courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, I was informed that it is not wise to pull out in front of trains when driving. The actual slogan of this campaign is,”Stop, Trains Can’t.” I wish I was making this up…

A group of individuals had to sit down in an office and discuss how to best inform the public about the dangers of pulling out in front of trains. They were actually having a problem with individuals pulling their cars in front of trains assuming that the train would stop. Is that not the most ridiculous thing?

We have all been caught by a train crossing at least once in our lives. Not only is there flashing lights and a loud echoing bell, but there is even a barricade that comes down and physically tries to stop cars from passing through. Oh and you can usually see/hear if a train is barreling its way towards you. Apparently, there are people out there bypassing all of these signs like they are suggestions.

So to all of you out there who have seen too many action movies, I have a simple request. QUIT PULLING OUT IN FRONT OF TRAINS! You’re not Jason Bourne or one of the Duke boys. Your car will get obliterated and your head containing your already small brain will literally explode. On behalf of the NHTSA, “Stop, trains can’t.”



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