Rant of the Day

Rant of the Day: Cover Charges

Why do we pay just to get into a bar? It makes no good sense at all. The cover charge is one of the biggest frauds in American culture and needs to be stopped.

I pay $10 to get into a place and for what? Once I get inside I am going to pay for a drink that is also $10. Then 98% of the time I just end up awkwardly chatting with the friends I came in with over the sound of music that is entirely too loud— a procedure I might add that we can do anywhere. Have you ever tried to have a conversation in a packed bar? It’s like going to a NASCAR race to catch up with your buddies. Yeah technically you can still hear each other but it’s unnecessarily laborious.

I understand that the bar business is just one giant money grab and I’m willing to accept that. Take my money but the least you could do is let me get through the door first. Spending the twenty bucks on a couple vodka red bulls is all well and good because they are actual tangible things. There is nothing remotely tangible about a cover fee. Dueling fifty-somethings playing pianos does not have any monetary value to me.

So from this day on I am boycotting bars that charge a cover. Life’s too short to be wasting money on supposed ambiance. I’ll save that money and spend it at a hole in the wall where at least my patronage is treated with some respect.

But let’s be real…While it sounds nice, I will never resort to such a policy. The bars that everyone wants to go to charge a cover. There’s only one thing I hold higher than my morals and that’s being cool. I may hate it but if $10 makes me cool, than so be it.


2 comments on “Rant of the Day: Cover Charges

  1. Anonymous

    I concur!


  2. Jared Koerner

    I concur


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