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Louisville Did Something Stupid…AGAIN

As mind blowing as it is, the Louisville athletic department found themselves knee deep in another controversy this weekend. The incompetency of the administration at this school is unprecedented. From sex scandals to recruiting violations to academic fraud, Louisville is the poster child for athletic departments who make poor decisions. So why am I surprised by their latest stunt?

Saturday the Cardinal football team played their spring football game. Spring football games are OPEN to the PUBLIC. But for some bizarre reason, Louisville officials denied media outlets access to film any of the action. It is important to note that it is exceedingly common for schools to let local media capture spring game highlights. Often times this is the first glimpse fans will get into the make up of the team for the upcoming season.

Now it is common for general practices to have limited media access. Perhaps the team is putting in a new scheme that they want to keep quiet. Or maybe they are trying out a star player at a new position. These reasons are understandable. But to bar media members from the spring game is unheard of. It is a public event that anyone in the world can attend. Trying to keep the happening of the day under wraps is absurd. Did they confiscate every spectator’s cell phone at the gate as well?

In true Louisville fashion, their blunder went viral. All the thanks goes to Louisville news station WLKY for their hilarious take on the matter. Since they were not able to film any highlights, you’ll see in the video below they decided to get creative…

Gotta love this approach. Instead of wallowing in defeat, the good sports anchors of WLKY dusted themselves off and thought outside the box. They even still found time to throw a couple of jabs at U of L officials. The fact that they weren’t allowed to film was a joke so why not make a joke out of the whole thing.

It can’t be emphasized enough how ridiculous this move was by the university. Quarterback Lamar Jackson is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and you’re not going to let anyone see how he played? That is asinine on every level, no other way to put it.

I do have one final suggestion for the Louisville athletic department. Maybe instead of worrying about who is filming their public event, they should worry about the fact that they only brought in 14,000 to their spring contest. That number is embarrassingly low in comparison to recent years when it hovered around 30,000. To add insult to injury, in-state rival Kentucky did almost 40,000 this same weekend.

Truly, it is our fault for expecting anything from Louisville. This is a school where Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino are its two highest paid employees. Not necessarily two champions of good judgement by any means. Spare the shock for somebody who deserves it.




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