Rant of the Day

Rant of the Day: Restaurant Snobs

For anyone who has ever worked in the food industry, you’ll understand this completely. People who come into restaurants and ask for highly specialized items because they had it one time at one specific place are the worst human beings alive.

I’m not one to profile but there are certain innate characteristics to the people that do this type of thing. Generally they use buzzwords like vegan or herbal. These same people will go to a bar and ask for a drink that no one except for them has ever heard of. They may place a higher priority on all-natural when it comes to the products they consume which often contrasts to their physical appearance. Yes, of course I am referring to the stereotypical high pitched squealing white girl. This is their domain.

What is most appalling when it comes to these girls is that they actually get pissed off when you don’t have what they’re looking for. Like how dare the local dive bar not have herbally enriched sriracha mayo. They’ll actually get upset when you don’t accommodate them and make it or something like it’s that easy. Just like I’m back in high school, these mean girls make it their mission to make you feel bad about yourself even if you don’t have any reason to.

It is so annoying because they do this sort of thing to try to make everyone else feel less sophisticated. I truly believe that girls like that go into a place like Applebee’s just to let everyone know that they have dined at classier establishments. It’s 100% an ego move. Look at me, I ate at a nice restaurant one time, paid with daddy’s credit card, and now I can look down on you all. I refuse to believe that Jessica truly believes they will have herbal mayo at McDonald’s. One cannot possibly be that unaware.

So to the white girls and anyone else out there attempting to order highly specific items on a drive thru menu, just stop. You’re not fooling anybody. We can see right through your insecure facade. Cut the attitude and eat like the rest of us.


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