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Westbrook Rips Troll Reporter

By now many of you have probably seen the video of Oklahoma City’s post game press conference following a game 4 loss to the Houston Rockets. A question directed to Steven Adams was intercepted by Russell Westbrook and this ensued…

This is just another incident in a long list of tense interactions between Russ and the media. Generally, I’ve tended to side with him and this time was no different. The guy is always refreshingly real. Part of what has made him a star is his personality in interviews.

When a reporter comes at him with a dumbass question, Westbrook will not hesitate to retort on why the question is ridiculous. This time the question just happened to be directed towards one of his teammates instead but that wasn’t going to stop Russ. He wasn’t just going to sit back and let the reporter troll.

Make no mistake, in this scenario the reporter was being a total troll. Honestly, I have no idea who he was. Don’t know his name, story, etc. He could be the greatest NBA reporter of all time but in this specific instance he was wrong. You don’t ask a guy why his team plays so much worse without a certain player on the floor in front of that player. That’s like telling your buddy about how much of a bitch your girlfriend is being in front of your girlfriend. Expecting them not to say anything is just ignorant. You also don’t continue to argue after you’ve lost. Like give it up man, you’re not going to get an answer.

The only thing I didn’t like was Steven Adams not saying a single word when the question was directed to him in the first place. He kinda just sat back and let Russ take charge. Like stand up for yourself man. He could have still said something while following Westbrook’s lead. Especially after the guy kept chirping about how he wants Steven to answer the question, all he had to do was throw out a, “next question.” The silence sorta ruined what could have been a truly viral moment.

At some point, reporters are going to have to learn that going at Russell Westbrook with those questions always ends up the same. Maybe they already have learned it. Honestly, the media is so desperate they probably love the outbursts even if it is at their own expense.


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