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Why the Diluted Sample Defense Holds No Water

Twice now in the last week reports have surfaced of players failing drug tests at the NFL combine. A few days ago it was reported that Alabama’s Reuben Foster tested for a diluted sample with the same result coming in for Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers earlier today.

There is NO EXCUSE for a player’s sample to be diluted. The camps for both players have attested that they were battling sickness and were trying to stay hydrated. This is not at all a valid excuse. Every player that comes to the combine is notified that if their sample comes up diluted, that counts as  a failed test so they better be careful.

There are only two possible explanations for why a sample would come up as diluted. Either these guys actually were sick and they’re just terrible at following instructions or they were guilty and this is a cover up. Whatever the reason, this is catastrophic for their draft stock. Teams do not want to risk taking a guy that is either A. a poor listener or B. has a potential drug problem.

One thing is clear, any excuses about how a guy comes to having a diluted sample do not hold water.


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