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So You Wanna be a Baller?

It’s frustrating folks. No matter how hard we try to keep him off our minds, LaVar Ball finds a way of sneaking back into the limelight. Give the guy some credit. After a partnership between his Big Baller Brand (BBB) and any major shoe company was denied, he did not wallow in despair. Instead LaVar dusted himself off and pulled the biggest baller move of all. Yesterday he announced the release of his own line of Big Baller branded kicks.

Just 24 hours ago I was joyfully perusing the internet as we laughed and jeered at the man. With a horrid design and a price tag of $500, this would finally be the chance to see his demise. Who would buy such ridiculous things?

Well here we are a day later and like your parents, I’m not mad…just disappointed. How could almost five THOUSAND people buy these shoes? You’re enabling the junkie. Just instead of meth, this junkie is addicted to fame. At this moment I really am at a loss for words.

My hope is that maybe you were buying them as a joke like a collectors item to laugh at with your buddies. Not sure why someone would spend five hundred big ones on a joke but that’s what I am choosing to believe. I refuse to accept the notion that there are people out there buying this clown’s products so that they can be called “big ballers.”

As much as I hate it, give credit where credit is due. The guy knows how to appeal to America’s ego…


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