Tough Week for Spicer

It has been a wild couple of days at the White House. If I’ve learned anything from watching tv shows about our government, the burden for any controversial moves made by the president undoubtedly will fall on his press secretary. So when President Trump decided to fire FBI director James Comey earlier this week, the press secretary knew they were in trouble.

But who is the press secretary? CNN is reporting that Sean Spicer was essentially benched in favor of deputy secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The official story is that the latter is just subbing in while Spicer is fulfilling his Navy Reserves duty at the Pentagon, an event that was scheduled far in advance. Either way Spicer still can’t seem to fend off the press.

From the jump, the Spiceman has been having a rough week. It all started with him hiding in the bushes on the white house lawn to avoid reporters after news broke of the firing. Then when he was eventually spotted, he embarrassingly stood in the dark and mumbled a barrage of ‘I don’t knows” and “I’m not sures” to reporters questions. Imagine your job being under fire and you have to go give a presentation that you are 100% not prepared for. It has to be tough.

Sadly, it looks like the pressure is finally getting to him. Today Spicer was spotted trying to cover up the fact that he left the house this morning with two different color shoes on.

In a weird way this kind of makes me identify with him more. We’ve all had those weeks where everything seems to go wrong. Sean Spicer is like the real life version of a movie where a normal person gets thrust into an important role by accident. He clearly has no idea what he is doing but at the same time, would any of us? His direct boss is the most unpredictable man on the planet. How should one cope with that?

If you ask me, putting on two different color shoes in the morning is the perfect metaphor for Sean Spicer’s time in the White House.


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