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Disney Thinks Your Kids are Stupid

No doubt about it, remakes are hot in the streets right now. For whatever reason we as a society have been bit by the nostalgia bug. No brand is taking advantage of our reminiscence more than Disney.

With 90’s  kids reaching adulthood, the good folks at Disney have decided that now is the time to bring all of their animated features to life. Every classic has the green light from the recently released Beauty and the Beast, to The Lion King, to Mulan. But there is a major problem that the usually clever personnel at Disney did not account for.

Think about this: What is the main attraction for young families who go on a Disney vacation? Whether you’re at Disneyland/World, on a Disney sanctioned cruise, or staying in a Disney resort, there is one thing you can always count on. The hallmark of the Disney experience is kids getting to meet the main characters of their favorite movies. This interaction is at the center of the experience. So what happens now when your children go to meet the beauty Belle and it’s not Emma Watson?

It is amazing that none of the Disney brass considered this a potential problem. Characters regularly roam Disney parks night and day interacting with guests. These characters are what we are to assume the product of their animated counterparts coming to life. This is an integral part of the so called “Disney Magic.” But Disney officials have now painted themselves into a corner. There is no longer the luxury of explaining to children that this is their fairy tale characters coming to life. This new generation of kids will grow up with live characters that they will expect to be the same.

Kids aren’t stupid. Your average seven year old can tell the difference between Emma Watson and a 27 year old aspiring actress dressed to look like her. These aren’t mall Santas that you can cover up with a beard. Have you ever seen a little kid the week before a Disney trip? They will be watching their favorite movies fifty times before getting there. The image of those characters will be so immersed into their tiny little brains that there is no way they can be fooled that easily. Imagine the disappoint it will cause when they realize they have been defrauded.

Maybe I give kids too much credit. Maybe Disney is just taking their box office money and they don’t actually give a shit. I just wonder if all options were considered. Did they contemplate rebooting all the movies with 2017 animation? Pixar makes a pretty quality product last time I checked. Maybe they did. The point is this could adversely affect an untouchable brand. The only company that can hurt Disney is Disney. I just hope that they at least considered that possibility before making the decision. 



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