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Taco Bell Needs to Stay in Their Lane

The newest item on the menu at Taco Bell may look familiar. That is because while the “Naked Chicken Chip” has a clever name, it is nothing more than your everyday, run of the mill, chicken nugget. Rather ironic coming from a chain that has encouraged consumers to “think outside the bun.”

In recent years, Taco Bell has progressively become more and more like its fast-food counterparts. In an interesting twist, the company has slowly dissented from their brand identity of unconventional fair. First it started with the addition of breakfast to the menu. Drive-thru breakfast is a fast-food staple. Not hating on the idea at all. I’m just merely pointing out that they were a little late to the party. But now they are adding chicken nuggets? What is unique about that? That type of in-the-bun thinking is common among their competitors but not T-Bell. Maybe they’ve concluded that relying on college kids getting their 2am drunk food is not a viable long term plan.

It is kinda annoying though that they thought no one would notice. You can’t just put a bland product like nuggs on the menu and try to pass it off with a festive name. What’s next? Are they going to try to introduce a burger? They’d probably call it something like the “All American Taco” or “Extra Meaty Nachos on a Bun.” Stay in your lane Taco Bell. You make low quality American-style Mexican food that tastes pretty good at an extremely affordable price. You do you. Don’t change for anyone.

To be clear, I don’t care that they decided to put chicken nuggets on the menu. Chicken Nuggets are delicious! My grievance lies solely with the fact that they try to present it as some exciting new product like they reinvented the wheel. If you’re going to position it like that then why not give it that good ole’ fashion T-Bell twist. Why not do something like Doritos Locos nuggets? Dust those things in some nacho seasoning and you’ve got a hit. Seems like a slam dunk…

The most ironic thing is that while Taco Bell is trying to copy conventional burgers-n-fries fast-food, their competitors are trying to copy them.

Check out this new item at Burger King…


hmmm…not the first cheesy snack to partner with a major fast-food chain…


Stay in your lane TB. You’ll be fine.



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