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Bills CB Takes Cross-Country Uber Like a Crazy Person

This is why NFL players go broke so quickly because of stupid decisions like this one. Details are fuzzy but it seems that newly signed Buffalo Bill Shareece Wright unfortunately had his flight get cancelled. So what did he do? Find a different flight?NOPE. Rent a car? NOPE. Logically he decided to take the longest Uber trip ever, 543 miles from Chicago to Buffalo and for what? All so that he could make an optional practice in June? That’s some crazy person shit.

The base rate was $632 and Shareece being as financially illiterate as he is threw in a $300 tip for good measure. For reference, a decent rental car is about $60 per day plus gas. But I’m not even mad at the guy. It was an awesome publicity stunt. Now there are all of these news publications praising how much he cares about the team. You’re crazy if you think he didn’t know what he was doing. He gets to shine as the player that cares so much about his job that he would do anything to make it to practice.

I just feel bad for his teammates. This was a horrible first impression to make with them. I mean showing up the whole team on your first day? That’s ruthless. Just minutes after stepping into the facility, the spotlight is all over him and he is soaking it up. Just the fact that he needed to mention that he gave the guy a massive tip is proof of his intentions.

Perhaps the craziest part of this story is that he was able to find an Uber driver willing to drive 500 miles in the drop of a dime. Like does this guy not have anywhere else to be? More unsettling is the fact that he was cool with having a stranger in his car for that long. Maybe the money was worth it to him. Personally, you couldn’t pay me enough to spend one hour in a car with a stranger, let alone nine. That is some shit that I have serious phobias about.


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