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Crying “Hacked” is Played Out

It happened again. I am SO SICK of every celebrity that tweets some dumb shit crying that they were hacked when there’s backlash to their actions. It is literally the most childish thing that you could do. So childish that there is a children’s story written about this exact sort of thing. One of these times someone is going to actually get hacked and many people like myself will not believe them. Celebrities have cried wolf too many times.

Especially since this time it came from J.R. Smith. Let’s be real, there is more of a likelihood that it was J.R. then that it wasn’t. This is very on brand for the way he does things.

Exhibit A:


The one that they call “Swish” has not been real careful about how he portrays his image. Being the guy to proclaim such a thing as a reverse sweep is exactly the kind of reckless talk we expect from him. If you are going to spout off something that stupid, you kind of have to own it. Not claiming your own tweet is super lame.

Even worse is the fact that he said he was in the shower when it happened. So someone in the locker room just happened to pick up his phone and tweet something belligerent. There is no way that a baller like Smith doesn’t have a lock on his phone. How would they have access?

Most people would say that this is J.R.’s fault for tweeting it out or at the very minimum leaving his phone that accessible. It is his fault but for a different reason. If he could just knock down a few shots like he was paid to do, no one would bat an eye at a ,”Cavs in 7,” tweet because they wouldn’t be down 3-0 about to be swept in historic fashion.


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