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Draymond’s Mom Complains About Refs Allowing Game to Get Too Rough

Game 4 of the NBA finals certainly took on a different tone than the rest. A total of 7 technical fouls were handed out in a game where chirping was at a maximum. Questionable officiating only exasperated the already tense atmosphere.

Midway through the third quarter Draymond Green received his second technical foul and should have been ejected from the game. However, officials maintained that they had actually awarded Steve Kerr the foul from the first quarter, and not Draymond as it should have been.

This was problematic considering that all of the personnel at the score’s table were confident that it was Draymond’s foul. That was how they officially marked it but the officials disagreed.

This was the play from the first quarter, you all be the judge…

So imagine my surprise to find Draymond’s mother Babers tweeting out how “rough” the refs let the game get. Draymond Green is literally the poster-child for rough and unnecessary play. He is continuely top 5 in the NBA in technicals. Not to mention he has had more playoff T’s than anyone else in recent years.

Does his mother not realize his transgressions? When the game gets physical, Green is usually in the thick of it. It is a bit too ironic to cry about the refs letting thing go when that is an environment where your own son thrives.

Also love how she retweeted something totally contradictory.



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