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Father Ball With His Hottest Take Yet

The last three times I’ve written about the Ball family I’ve promised it would be the last time but I just can’t help myself. Father (LaVar) Ball just keeps coming with the hottest of all hot takes and he suckers me in every time.

LaVar has claimed to be better than Michael Jordan and demanded a BILLION dollar sneaker deal for his children. He then marketed a pair of $500 signature Big Baller shoes for his son Lonzo. But this time LaVar has crossed the line.

On the latest installment of “Sneaker Shopping” with Joe La Puma, LaVar Ball called a pair of Jordan II’s the freshest of all models. That is just belligerent. If they are honest with themselves, any competent sneakerhead will agree that Jordan’s second installment is the most “dad shoe” of the bunch.


They look more like bowling shoes than sneakers worn by the greatest. However for some reason LaVar has proclaimed these the best.

Honestly, I have been toying with whether or not LaVar was 100% troll. He clearly has troll tendencies but I thought maybe there was something inside of him with a little common sense. This has changed my opinion. There is no way he legitimately believes that these shoes are actually appealing. Any shoe that can be sold as clearance at the Nike Factory Store does not pass.

Also, isn’t is a little odd that while trying to promote their brand, these guys are all buying other brands of sneakers? Seems a bit counterproductive but maybe that’s just me.

The NBA draft is fast approaching so stay tuned for the next edition of LaVar says.


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